Miss Audrey

After a long break, I’m coming back to writing.  My Dad says I exaggerate every story at the dinner table which results in a lot of criticism amongst family and friends. It works out ok on the page though.  I grew up around a farm and I love working on and being connected to the land, especially through hard work, nature and the soothing force of cattle, horses and livestock.  I have a sweet lab named Sampson, born into my family fabric and as you’ll soon learn in greater detail, I have a Corgi named Audrey, for whom this blog is named. I love to sing, especially old Jazz and Blues, Dinah Washington, Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone over dishes or Sarah Britton’s recipes.  I’m no-good at tennis but I absolutely love it.  I feel rhythmical skiing in the mountains or on cross country ski trails and my brain quiets running and with long walks.  I’m enamoured with a little yoga studio in Schomberg, called Country Zen.  I studied literature and women in Africa, a great passion of mine and currently, I study psychiatry, privileged to learn with some Docs around the world.  I don’t much know where I’m headed from here, but thanks for being with me for the now.

With Love.

Julia And Audrey Ray.

“Don’t Tell Anybody Anything. If You Do, You Start Missing Everybody.” -J.D Salinger.